Protects Your Network 24/7

Pangolin automatically blocks intrusion attempts from cybercriminals. This stops them from stealing your important data and personal information.

Defends Your Privacy

Pangolin blocks ads and trackers on your devices, stopping advertisers from making your browsing experience intrusive, annoying and inconvenient.

2-step Setup

You don't need to be an expert to set up or use Pangolin.All you have to do is plug in the device and register it on our app for iOS or Android-no need to fuss with router settings!

Pangolin - Best Cyber Security Firewall Device for Home

Total Protection

Accidentally clicked on that phishing or malware link? Worried about what to do next? Defend your network from security threats with Pangolin! Protect your home network, including smart devices like home assistants, baby cameras, and your tablets and phones. The best part is, we keep the security updated so you don’t have to. Pangolin protects you 24/7.

Self-contained Privacy

Other network security devices need to send your user and historical data to the cloud for analysis. Pangolin is smart enough to stay up-to-date without having to send your precious data to external cloud servers. All of your user and historical data stays with you and only you.

Pangolin - Best Cyber Security Firewall Device for Home
Pangolin - Best Cyber Security Firewall Device for Home

Block All Ads

Sick of companies spamming you with ads and following your online behavior? With one tap of a finger on our app, you can block ads and trackers on any or all of your devices.

Parental Controls

Everyone on their phone at the dinner table? Get that precious family time back with Pangolin. Set internet break times and block objectionable content on a per-device basis through our simple parental controls. This will allow you and your family to focus on what matters, like homework or spending time together at home.

Pangolin - Best Cyber Security Firewall Device for Home
Pangolin - Best Cyber Security Firewall Device for Home

Anti-Bufferbloat & Bandwidth Controls

Sick of competing for bandwidth in your household or office? What about videos buffering and online games lag spiking? Pangolin’s custom bandwidth controls give you back control of your network. Let Pangolin’s automated network algorithms manage the network congestion (bloat) or allocate the proper bandwidth to each device to your heart's content. This means no more arguments when one person wants to play online games while another wants to stream HD video.

Stylish Dashboard

Monitor key threat, privacy, and bandwidth usage statistics for your network and devices - with no extra work on your end!

Pangolin - Best Cyber Security Firewall Device for Home

Pangolin Smart Firewall Device


The Pangolin Smart Firewall Device provides always-on protection for networks. It guards against malware, phishing, and other methods of attack from cybercriminals. Secures only single broadcast domains (multi-NAT not currently supported). Pangolin ships with a US 12 volt, 1 amp power adapter, however this adapter can be used with a simple universal power converter to work in regions with different power requirements. Order yours now and also receive a complimentary lifetime subscription !

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Pangolin - Best Cyber Security Firewall Device for Home

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