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It has been observed that the companies who outsource IT services, enjoy being more prosperous and productive. In detail, it is a practice of outsourcing some processes and functions to enhance business operations and reduce the cost. So, why to take a risk when you can choose us for your company. We guarantee you best IT management that will take your business to a new height.

With Smart-Tech Enterprise Solutions Pty Ltd, your business will witness maximum productivity. Are you in search of a professional managed services provider for your business? It’s time to choose Smart-Tech Enterprise. All our IT experts are highly trained and stay updated about the latest technologies. We also offer customized, managed IT services to fulfill your unique requirements.

The technological advancement and the latest computing systems require experience and skilled experts to ensure all the systems are functioning at the highest level with constant uptime. By engaging in managed IT solutions, you get a solution that will cover all the components of infrastructure. The solutions that we can offer you are

  • IT support
  • Communication
  • Applications
  • Virtual CIO
  • Connectivity
  • Cloud and More
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Cloud Migration – Run the Business in a Simpler and Better Way

Cloud migration is the method of deploying an organization's digital resources, infrastructure, facilities, or programs in the cloud such that they can't be reached outside the cloud's firewall. Cloud computing's popularity is fueled by advanced, user-friendly implementations, time-saving functionality, easy accessibility, enhanced security, and outstanding reliability, which enable non-cloud consumers to take a step forward in their market concept.

Being said that, we recognize that handling the cloud's multiple choices and features can be time-consuming and challenging, resulting in dissatisfaction and the inability to achieve optimal performance.

Don't be bothered! We will assist you in resolving these constraints. Our experts have assisted a wide variety of clients in implementing convenient and time-saving cloud migration strategies. The comprehensive cloud migration procedure continues with a thorough evaluation of the cloud computing specifications, which involves integrating your foundation's configuration, information management trends, current infrastructure use, and the factors for cloud migration. We deliver a more straightforward, cost-effective, and profitable transformation with no adverse effects on your project.

We will direct every phase of the cloud migration. Connect with us!

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Combining your business processes with your systems in order to get a single view of your customers is not just an ideal practice, but also an analytical technique to stay competitive in today’s digital environment. The digital landscape is a perfect way to attain the highest level of customer success. You need to provide them with personalized services, incredible experience, and faster response. For this, you need a solution which can put your customers at the center. You can go for Smart-Tech Enterprise Solution Pty Ltd.’s Salesforce services. In general, it is a customer relationship management solution that helps in bringing the companies and customers together. This will bring the most out of your Salesforce implementation to boost your sales, customer services, and productivity.

Starting from pre-implementation to post-implementation, our experts will work with you and will transform your business aims into KPIs and technical requirements to help you in achieving the desired result from the Salesforce investment. We, at Smart-Tech Enterprise Solution Pvt Ltd., have successfully implemented solutions that effectively incorporate various Salesforce Clouds. We have extensive expertise in all types of Salesforce products and can extend it throughout the whole digital value chain. This can cover B2B, external apps, B2C business, and more. Some of the key benefits of our Salesforce services are:

  • Enhanced efficiency of your business processes
  • Cost reduction by around 40 percent
  • Applications
  • Real-time support from highly trained experts to fulfill your unique business requirements
  • Risk management and security
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Mobile Application (iOS & Android)

Do you want to develop a well-organized and correctly optimized mobile app for your business? You can always trust the Smart-Tech Enterprise Solution Pvt Ltd for this. We let you transform your imagination into reality. Our team has extensive experience in designing and developing mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. We provide you with insightful expertise in application development by crafting your mobile application that will seamlessly work across platforms. At Smart-Tech Enterprise Solution, we design and develop hybrid mobile apps, cross-platform native mobile applications, and progressive web application. You will get scalable, sustainable, and secure solutions with us. As the completion is increasing, you need to delight your customers with curated experiences which can exceed

We craft blazing-fast and smooth mobile applications that will consume minimum resources. The app will operate at the same speed, even if there are thousands of users. Industries that we serve in mobile application services are social network, food & restaurant, medical & healthcare, e-commerce, transport & automotive, enterprise, education & learning, media, entertainment, banking & finance, travel & hospitality, and more. Get in touch with us now, and develop a perfect app for your business. Some of the reasons to work with Smart-Tech Enterprise Solution are:

Key Features Of This Service

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  • Extensive knowledge about different SDKs
  • Quickly downloadable mobile applications from App Store and Play Store
  • Years of expertise in development in server-based apps and architecture-based apps
  • Seamless migration to various platforms anytime you want
  • Time-saving and cost-effective app designing and development methods and more
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IoT - Accomplish Your Aspiration!

Handheld technology proliferation, advanced technologies, sensor design growth, and increased electronic communications have given rise to a new edge to evolutionary history: The Internet of Things. IoT has emerged as a significant technological enabling factor for digitalization and also has been demonstrated to become a product advancement for companies throughout sectors. Is the Internet of Things (IoT) worth the hype? Yes, indeed. Development is directly proportional to every uprising. Technological advancements develop at a rapid pace, having an ever-increasing effect on society.

We possess extensive experience in offering superior IoT services. As a result of our creative IoT technologies, your company, corporation, and other organizations will prosper from IoT technology in a multitude of settings. The reason for this is that we primarily engage in using technological knowledge to provide our clients with critical and flexible IoT solutions to achieve widespread connectivity.

Our IoT solutions, in simplistic terms, aim to link processes, humans, programs, and devices on a centralized, digital network. Consequently, if you'd like to create new revenue opportunities, increase efficiency, or turn your quality services, you can rely on our IoT services to accomplish the most.

We will help you get to market quicker and offer IoT products that match or surpass your aspirations. Partner with us and make the difference!

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Custom App Development

Investing in custom app development is a significant investment for long-term success. The demand for Custom App Development solutions is growing among business clients. The varying requirement of the different enterprises increases the need for the development of custom apps to meet the specific needs of customers the best. We take the initiative to promote more paperless offices through the delivery of our custom app development to our business clients. We blend our technological expertise with our industry experience and develop all types of custom apps as per the requirements of different business clients.

We have professional experts who have specialized knowledge and skills to build the perfect app to cater to all the needs of the clients. We are specialized in developing custom apps for web portals. We also excel in developing apps for content management systems (CMS), the business process automation systems, and customer relationship management (CRM). We build custom apps that provide businesses with the benefits of easy deployment, scalability, and enhanced productivity.

Being of the leading managed IT service provider, we always give our best to provide our clients with full-stack app development services. At Smart-Tech Enterprise Solution Pvt Ltd., we offer professional custom application development services using a various set of framework libraries and programming languages to craft a perfect application which can be scaled based on your business’s requirements. Why choose our custom app development services?

  • Cost-saving
  • Guaranteed innovation
  • Your ideas will be remaining highly safe with us
  • Highly-experience and trained professional app developers
  • Highest level of transparency and integrity
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Web Application

A responsive web application is essential for the growth of any business. The web application is the modern solution to make the transactions of the companies simple and easy for their respective customers. At Smart-Tech Enterprise Solutions Pty Ltd, we offer top-notch solutions for different web applications. Our team of experts has the best knowledge and experience with the latest technologies of the web application. We help in developing web applications for different businesses and provide them an over their competitors.

We have expertise in all the various aspects of web applications and help businesses enhance their customer experiences. We employ the best methodologies and deliver web application services within the deadlines without compromising on the quality in any case. We offer well-tested and secure solutions for dynamic web applications, e-commerce applications, and membership site applications.

We provide scalable and flexible web application solutions to benefit the best to different business clients. Our web application development approaches include:

  • Progressive web apps
  • Single-page apps

Schedule reports to automatically run and distribute on a regular interval – daily, weekly or monthly. You can also trigger reports to send based on set alerts (did the budget get exceeded?). Tailor reports to your needs, save your scheduled tasks, then sit back and relax while Jet Reports does the work for you. Like magic!

Our team carefully listens and analyses your unique requirements and develop robust web applications. You can easily streamline your daily operations and fulfill your targeted goals.

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The website is a core element of any business as it has become a necessity in the present digital world. Web sites play an essential role in increasing the global reach of different companies. A website makes a business go smart and offers it an opportunity to enhance its visibility. Web sites provide users quick access to the required data and information through direct access. Increased marketing, better sales, and enhanced credibility are other benefits a business can avail with the help of the web sites. Besides, the 24x7 availability of your business website can prevent the communication gap between you and your consumers. All such things will help your business to have better exposure.

We, at Smart-Tech Enterprise Solutions Pty Ltd, have the expertise in creating impactful web sites to provide a strong and positive impression to the visitors. We work with businesses to help them achieve their goals successfully through compelling and attractive web sites. We use the latest tools and designs to create unique and responsive web sites for our business clients. We are specialized in developing static web applications as well as animated web applications as per the needs of different businesses. We follow the best approach to deliver useful websites to cater to the core purpose of our client.

We always work with you to develop an ideal user experience that can deliver values to your valuable audiences. Here value means referrals via different channels and repeats visit. Employing our extensive research and experience, Smart-Tech Enterprise Solutions Pty Ltd’s website solutions are tailored to assist you in achieving your desired digital marketing goals. Our web sites services include:

  • CSS and HTML development
  • RSS Integration and Blog Designs
  • Social Media Integration
  • Content development and marketing
  • Website maintenance and more
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The valuable consulting services of the experts help in delivering optimum IT solutions for the effective functioning of a business. The consulting services help businesses adopt the best IT infrastructure to meet all the requirements and ensure business growth in the most cost-effective way. We help businesses configure the right IT investments to ensure the effective and quick growth of the business. We, at Smart-Tech Enterprise Solutions Pty Ltd, follow a flexible approach while selecting the agile methodology for different companies. We work closely with the business to determine its current IT situations and offer expert recommendations to align the technological strategies with the needs of the business. We offer professional consulting services that can definitely help you to improve your technical architecture, built a tech-driven digital solution and enhance operation by effectively optimizing the technology portfolio. We take pride in providing valuable decisions quickly to benefit the business in the best way possible.

Our experienced professionals offer the much-required support and help in strengthening the decision-making of our business clients to deal with the new requirements of business efficiently. We strive to serve the needs of our business clients the best. Our consulting process includes analysis, strategy designing, performance evaluation, and further improvements. We have recently added some latest technologies to our consulting. These are blockchain technology, augmented reality, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, fintech, and cloud computing.

Get in touch with us and let our engineers complete your journey toward digital transformation through the effective execution of our proven IT strategies.

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An effective software design helps in better maintenance of software. A good software design helps in addressing all the possible bottlenecks and enhancing the overall performance of the software. Software design especially plays an essential role in business software as any fault in design can have negative impacts on the growth of the business. It has been observed that most businesses have some unique requirements that traditional software will not be able to address. They need something new and unique software. At Smart-Tech Enterprise Solutions Pty Ltd, we are pioneers in providing effective software designs for different business clients as per their requirements. We can bring out the world-class software design expertise to address all your unique business requirements.

We offer world-class design work for various software to ensure their easy deployment and efficient functioning. Our professionals are proficient at using Illustrator, InCopy, InDesign, Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom, Acrobat Reader DC, AR, VR for the purpose of software design. We assist our clients in making the complicated aspects of software design much simpler. We help in minimizing the flaws within the software and enhancing its usability and effectiveness according to the needs of the customers. We aim at improving the user experience of the different software.

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The requirement for extra protection against cyber threats has become more compulsory than ever, which is why Smart-Tech Enterprise Solutions Pty Ltd offers a suite of technologies to defend data. With our solutions, our clients can monitor for threats, locate weaknesses, and act quickly according to the attacks. Smart-Tech Enterprise Solutions Pty Ltd pairs each client with a team of security experts who are specialized in handling Cyber attacks.

Smart-Tech Enterprise Solutions Pty Ltd protects against a wide variety of threats, including those delivered via email, social media, or even mobile apps. Other tools provide encryption, protect against data loss and let companies view any suspicious and potentially harmful agents that might be targeting their customers through email phishing, and malicious web domains. Smart-Tech Enterprise Solutions Pty Ltd products include cover network security, endpoint threat protection, and cloud and mobile security.

  • Network Security
  • Endpoint Threat Protection
  • Cloud Security
  • Mobile Security
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